About the Illustrator: Tracy Herrmann

About the Author: Kristin Acker Miller

Tracy Ann's art conveys sensitivity, "whimsy with a nip of humor and heart." She brings her signature soft, gentle styling to children's story books A Colorado Day and Dabbling Doezee (www.doezee.com, on Amazon), well-loved favorites during Tracy's storytime library reading programs. "A Colorado Day was such a joy to illustrate. The story is lovingly told by the author. Home and family encompass so much variety, including our beloved home state with welcoming familiarity." Tracy Ann's focus on Natural History illustration lend her art and graphic talents to supporting wilderness and conservation with keepsakes, gifts and collectibles, home decor, Christmas themes and children's books. "I enjoy exploring, spending whole afternoons at zoos and wildlife parks, observing and sketching animals for new concepts, and just watching the families and kids. Kids love to watch an artist sketch and paint. They are natural artists and keen observers." 

"Sharing the richness of our natural world through my art brings me great joy and satisfaction. Connecting with others who share that joy just makes my whole year."
Look for the bumblebee, one of Tracy's favorite "critters," in art featuring spring and summer wildflowers. Find Tracy's art online at

Fine Art America: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-tracy-herrmann.html

Minted: http://www.minted.com/store/tracyann

Represented by Carol White Artworks! Licensing: http://www.artworkslicensing.com/wildlife.html


With a lifelong love of writing, Kristin has written countless articles spanning 20 years as a magazine editor and writer. After obtaining a bachelor's degree in Communication from Arizona State University, Kristin dabbled in the world of non-profits before becoming a lifestyle magazine editor in Phoenix, Arizona. Most recently, she is Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Elevation Media Group, based in Denver, Colorado. Following a long-held dream to publish a children's book and possessing a profound sense of appreciation for nature, Kristin created Dreaming Tree Books with the intent to publish children's picture books that highlight the fascinating wildlife and landscapes of the natural world. A Michigan native, Kristin was raised by a family of nature-lovers. She recalls developing a strong connection to the natural environment of each of the three states in which she has lived. She holds a philosophy that it is essential to slow down and pull oneself out of the chaos of the modern world on a regular basis to indulge the senses in the simplicity of nature. She feels that now, more than ever, as children are distracted by the speed of technology, it's important to help children experience the benefits of quality time spent in the great outdoors. Her hope is to encourage children to put down their iPads, read a good "old-fashioned" picture book with a loved one and then go play outside! When not writing, Kristin is busy keeping up with her three children, climbing mountains, practicing yoga and fulfilling her interests in gardening, music, travel and reading. A Colorado Day  is her first children's book.

About the Author: Kristin Acker Miller